About Cheer Salt Lake

A Sister Team of the Pride Cheerleading Association


To serve and raise money for people living with life threatening conditions through the sport of cheerleading.


Composed of adults of all ages, body types, races, religions, genders and sexual orientations, Cheer Salt Lake is a 501(c)3 charity that values the beautiful diversity of our community. CSL is a member of a community of cheer teams across the country, forming the PCA (Pride Cheerleading Association). The PCA’s mission is to raise money for people living with life threatening conditions through the dynamic and exciting sport of cheerleading. CSL fulfills the PCA’s and its own mission by cheerleading and hosting fundraisers in the Salt Lake community.

CSL Board of Directors has chosen the 2018 Main Beneficiary to be:

Volunteers of America, Utah Homeless Youth Resource Center

Cheer Salt Lake will also place extra priority on events for infant life-threatening conditions, such as Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, in 2018 in honor of Braxton Rockstead.

The Community Outreach Committee will spearhead fundraising efforts to meet the Charitable Fund goals, as determined by the Board of Directors. Continual and passionate engagement from from CSL Performing and Production teams will ensure 2018’s goals are met. After the Charitable Fund goal has been met, CSL will use excess funds to benefit the team, making such things possible as out-of-town trips, team equipment, and supplies. The more energy participants put into fundraising, the more revenue that will be generated to benefit our beneficiaries in addition to reducing individual participant out-of-pocket expenses.